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Focusing on the ever-changing demand of modern engines to perform under extreme and harsh conditions, DUCATUS products are specially designed and formulated with quality base oil and latest additives technology to provide ultimate performance and protection to the engine.

DUCATUS offers a comprehensive range of products that includes high quality engine oils and enhanced additives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, be it gasoline or diesel engine, NA (naturally aspirated) or Turbocharge.

molecule DUCATUS'S Milestone

Introduced into the market in July 2012, DUCATUS made its way into the shelving of workshops, through the quality and assurance that they have experienced in using DUCATUS. DUCATUS have given consumers the confidence of ultimate performance, a smoother driving experience.

Hence, moving with a remarkable start in 2012, DUCATUS focus its marketing and sales in local Singapore market, where response for DUCATUS products were well-received attentions of overseas interest in DUCATUS products.

With the support and demand of DUCATUS products, DUCATUS have built its presence in neighbouring countries: Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia & China. Moving on with this constant growth, DUCATUS aims to bring top quality lubricants and additives closer to you and your business.

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molecule DUCATUS Engine Oil

DUCATUS lubricants are blended with finest base oil and advanced additives which meet and exceed latest OEMs requirements, ensuring the best for your automotive performance.


  • Cost effective maintenance.
  • Complete engine protection against wears, corrosion and rusting.
  • Cleanse engine by a versatile detergent- dispersant additive system.
  • Extended oil drain intervals.
  • Cleaner emissions.
  • Reduce engine vibration and prolong engine life.

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molecule DUCATUS Additives

DUCATUS additives are environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient which are essential enhancements that provide continuous boost to your engine performance.

  • Restore engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Reduce engine vibration and prevents engine knocking.
  • Optimizes combustion and reducing emissions.
  • Maximum protection to prolong engine life.
  • Reduces wears, corrosion and deposits.

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